Pots and tableware to inspire people and places

Judith Hobbs creates beautiful, striking and unique pottery for people looking for unusual and innovative design in their homes, gardens and conservatories.

Each pot is different although Judith follows broad themes and shapes, and the exact decoration is always linked to the curve of each newly made pot.

All of the pots Judith makes are unique. The techniques involved in building a pot by hand, along with the natural variations in the materials and the glazing and firing processes mean that no two are ever exactly alike. Judith works in stoneware and terracotta clays, throwing on the wheel and painstakingly building by hand.

With the larger garden pots Judith throws the base of the pot on a wheel and then coils onto the base. This involves adding coils of clay at intervals over several days. Larger pots can take several weeks to make. The pots are decorated using coloured liquid clay called slip. They are left for 2-3 weeks to dry before being biscuit fired in a kiln to a temperature of 1080°C. The pots are then covered in liquid glaze and fired for a second time to 1260°C.